The Ultimate for anti-slip flooring or steps. Thermoplastic markings for playgrounds, outdoor theatres and sports stadiums

As a group, we aim to provide the most versatile, easy to apply and robust thermoplastic surface materials available to create safer, more attractive and more profitable environments.

Specialists in playground markings, Project Playgrounds has carried out over 700 successful school installations throughout the UK and Europe. The huge range of colours in standard and bespoke graphics are ideal for transforming tired playgrounds into bright, vibrant and educational spaces. The hard-wearing thermoplastic is more environmentally-friendly than paint, and lasts up to 10 times longer.

Playground Graphics

Thermapply Direct is the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of ready to install, durable anti-slip thermoplastic surface markings. From playground markings and car park markings to bespoke surface signage, our entire design portfolio of over 500 products is available to installation companies worldwide.

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Thermagrip’s heavy-duty thermoplastic coatings for wood, concrete or steel surfaces helps prevent slips, trips and falls. From warehouses to outdoor theatres and football stadiums, the non-slip surface is guaranteed for the product’s lifespan, making it extremely cost-effective.

Anti-Slip Surfaces